We turn the sacred pages,
     That we might in our search,
Learn how the women labored,
     In the early Christian church.

Priscilla served as teacher
     of the gospel long ago;
Kind Dorcas helped the widows,
     And did their sorrows know.

Cenchrea's Phoebe served her Lord,
     In the church located there,
While Mary opened wide her house,
     That all might be in prayer.

As Lydia sold the purple
     In the busy mart,
She told of Christ, the Savior,
     Who had opened wide her heart.

To Timothy, a loving son,
     Good Eunice did impart
The faith her mother Lois
     Had instilled within her heart.

And other women labored,
     In the gospel work with Paul,
To keep the faith, once given,
     To never let it fall.

All honor to those women,
     who did such noble work;
Who faced each duty, as it came;
     And never tried to shirk.

- Author Unknown