This prediction is from those within the Church of Christ churches who study these things and who are supposed to 'know." If the membership decline within the Church of Christ churches continues its current rate, by the year 2010 the membership of the C of C churches will be a mere 1,500 people! This information comes from the publisher and writers of the Christian Chronicle, a monthly newspaper for the C of C people.

Even allowing for a larger margin of error, this prediction or "statistic" should be alarming to all who claim to be Christians. This same problem is happening to almost all brands of churches! - CAH

THE BIBLE: It is the book of God. What if I should say, God of Books! Let him who looks angry at that expression as too bold, his thoughts in silence smother, till he finds such another.

YOU CAN DISAGREE with another person's position as much as you want - after you have been able to state it in your own words to his satisfaction.

The above is a basic rule men of reason ought to observe during any discussion or argument. - CAH