The Spirit of Restoration

Another Sunday, and there I sat
Among my Christian friends.
The teacher read from the book of Acts
As the rest of us listened in.
"What does the scripture mean?" he asked,
And waited for someone to speak.
Some pages rustled and somebody shifted
And caused their chair to squeak.
After a moment of awkward silence
The last bell finally rung,
And we all filed out and found our seats -
There were spiritual songs to be sung.
There were other things to do as well:
Listen to the preacher and pray.
Then after we took the Lord's Supper, well,
I guess we could call it a day.
We could go home and feel that we'd done
Our part as children of God.
We'd assembled for worship service,
Surely He'd give us a nod.
But I wondered just how meaningful
My "service" to God had been.
Had I done anything to help a lost soul
Whether friend, or foe, or kin?
I'd spoken to several saved brothers,
And greeted some folks I don't know,
But, I wondered, when they sat in class with me
Did our fervor and love for God show?
And what of the first century Christians?
We read of their spirit and zeal.
They went everywhere preaching the word,
The gospel of Christ to reveal.
I thought on these things a long moment,
For I had often wanted to say
That we may have become lackadaisical
In our Spirit from day to day.
There were questions that nagged at my conscience
About what I'd believed my life long,
And the more I studied and thought and prayed,
The more I believed Id been wrong.
But did I dare to share these things
With my steadfast Christian brothers?
Suggestion of change is not well received,
I'd seen heartaches it brought on others.
I thought of the martyrs from centuries past
Whose lives were snuffed out by hate,
And all those whose spirit of restoration
Had likewise sealed their fate.
Then I thought of our Lord and the trials He'd endured,
Of the angry mobs he had faced.
They were family, His own beloved people -
And all of my doubts were erased.
Father, if this way is right with You,
Give me the courage to stand
In the face of whatever adversity
Or trial that may be at hand.
Strip all my pride and fill up my soul
With humility, kindness and love,
That others may see Your Son living in me
And be filled with Your Spirit above.
-- Kelly Turner