Are you aware that the early Christian community had neither real estate (ecclesiastical edifices) nor clergy (professional pulpiteers)? Did you know that money was collected only for evangelism and the destitute?

Today most all monies collected by religious parties (churches) go for real estate or to sustain a clergy caste, "Religion" is big business! At the beginning God and His Son were taken seriously. Now they are exploited. The clergy are worshipped and "church buildings" are esteemed.

Every Christian is a priest and preacher (I Peter 2:9 & Acts 8:4), God's only "holy place" or house is the believer's heart (Acts 17:24, 25 & Hebrews 3:6). The believer can "lead" his own worship without assistance from the clergy or "church-buildings." Anywhere he meets with other believers, God is with him - whether in a living room or under a tree. Let us remove the "sophisticated equipment" and come down to earth. There God will meet with us in a humble setting.

- The Reformer.