2,795   teens get pregnant,
372  teens miscarry,
1,106  teens have abortions,
1,295  teens give birth,
689  babies are born at low birth weight,
67  babies die before one month of life,
105  babies die before their first birthday,
27  children die of poverty,
10  are killed by guns,
teens commit suicide,
13,500  children bring a gun to school,
7,742  teens become sexually active,
623  teens contract some form of VD,
211  children are arrested for drug abuse,
437  children are arrested for drunken driving,
1,512  teens drop out of school,
1,849  children are abused or neglected,
3,288  children run away from home,
1,629  children are in adult jails,
2,556  children are born to single parents,
2,989  children see their parents divorce.

(Taken from the beltline beacon, 6-22-93)


Life is a book from
youth to old age.
Each year is a chapter,
each day is a page.