That quality which distinguishes one person or a thing from another; peculiar or distinctive characteristics.

Most people are "blind followers of the blind;" they let others think for them, act for them, or influence their actions. Mental inertia has been the curse of all ages. Thought is the only process of finding ways and means for improvement. Cattle cannot think - they are easily stampeded; people do not think, as a rule, and are easily carried away on a wave of passion or excitement. One man who thinks in an emergency, often saves many lives.

The faculty for, and act of thinking, is proof of individuality, and this mark of distinction and worth is stamped on everything yet given the world to further the progress of man. Your individuality, whether of high or low degree, is reflected in words, deeds and actions.

To be mature, to be yourself, to be original; to be independent; to stand four-square against all opposition that would thwart a worthy purpose, is the mark of high individualism. To stand, as Paul stood on Mars' Hill and delivered his message; to "nail your theses on the door," as did Martin Luther; to cry aloud for liberty at the peril of life, as did Patrick Henry - yea, to stand up for your convictions at all times, is the mark of distinctive individuality.

God gave each bird its own wings with which to fly; He gave each person a brain with which to think, and falling in this, individuality goes by default. The artist, the Sculptor, the musician, the orator, the poet, the scholar, the inventor, the worker, the contributor - the wizards of all endeavor - have all indelibly written their individuality on their work. The world honors its apostles of great and enduring things, with: "Hail to those who live their own lives without fear or fawn; hail to all who build for the tomorrow!" - The System Bible Study, p. 750