Once upon a time a preacher, of good John Wesley's band,
     Went forth upon a mission, out in the Indian land.
He gave the chief a Bible and journeyed on his way,
     But came back through that section at a somewhat later day.
The chief called on the preacher - whatever did give rise?
     "Chief want to be a Christian - me ready be baptized."
The preacher brought his Jordan - a little china bowl;
     Then, catechized the Indian with reference to his soul.
The chief gazed at the vessel with an apprehensive look.
     "De pond he much too little - you give Chief wrong book."
The preacher urged and argued that a small amount would do,
     But failed to turn the Indian from his much water view.
But the preacher finally consented to let his custom slip.
     He'd go down to the river and give the Chief a dip.
"No, No," the Chief responded. "God's law heap change you can

From dip to little sprinkle - me guess you be wrong man."


If sprinkle be the order, Bible is wrong book.
If dipping be the order, sprinkler is a crook.

- Author Unknown