1. There can exist no "church" where there are no persons who profess to be members of it.

2. There are no persons in existence who profess to be members of "the Campbellite church."

3. Therefore, "the Campbellite Church" does not exist.


1. To publicly charge the existence of a "church" that does not exist is to speak or write a lie.

2. Some Baptist preachers (and others) publicly claim the existence of the non-existent "Campbellite church".

3. Therefore, these Baptist preachers, in doing so, speak a lie; and "all liars shall have their part in the lake of fire." (Rev. 21:8).

Observation: You read about the so-called "Campbellite Church" in the same verse of Scripture (?) in which all the various brands of Baptist Churches are found; as well as all other denominations. All Baptist churches are from men; none are from the Lord Jesus. God's word speaks of no Baptist Church, no Methodist Church, no Presbyterian Church, no Pentecostal Church, no Church of Christ, and no other church. Jesus did not establish a church of any kind. Jesus did say: "... upon this rock I will build My ecclesia" or assembly (Matt. 16:18), but the ecclesia is simply His called out, redeemed people, not a religious institution! Jesus has only one ecclesia (ekklesia, if you prefer) and it is not a religious institution or corporation of any sort. All of Godís redeemed people constitute the Lord's one ecclesia. All churches are the creations of men, not the creations of Jesus Christ. If you belong to a church of any brand, you are in a creation of men, not something that the Lord Jesus set up or built. He is not the Head or builder of any church whatever the name. Correctly translated, there is no church of any sort in God's word. If you are a member of a church of any kind, you are in an institution built by men! Neither God nor the Lord Jesus has anything to do with such an organization. - CAH