Miracles Today?

Today there are many preachers that say they can perform the same miracles that Christ performed. Some even say they do "greater works" than Christ did.

You can know if these claims are true or not if you will compare what these "modern day miracle workers" are able to do with Christ's miracles.

The following is a list of Christ's miracles. Study them and compare them with any claim man makes. If you will do this you will clearly see the vast difference between the claims of today and Christ's miracles.


Water turned into wine. John 2:6-10.

Nobleman's son healed. John 4:46-53.

Centurion's servant healed. Matthew 8:5-13.

Draughts of fishes. Luke 5:4-6; John 21:6.

Devils cast out. Matthew 8:28-32; Matthew 9:32,33;

Matthew 15:22-28; Matthew 17:14- 18.

Peter's wife's mother healed. Matthew 8:14, 15.

Lepers cleansed. Matthew 8:3; Luke 17:14.

Paralytic healed. Mark 2:3-12.

Withered hand restored. Matthew 12:10-13.

Impotent man healed. John 5:5-9.

The dead raised to life. Matthew 9:18, 19, 23-25; Luke 7:12-15; John 11:11-14.

Issue of blood stopped. Matthew 9:20-22.

The blind restored to sight. Matthew 9:27-30; Mark 8:22-25; John 9:1-7.

The deaf and dumb cured. Mark 7:32-35.

The multitude fed. Matthew 14:15-21; Matthew 15:32-38.

His walking on the sea. Matthew 14:25-27.

Peter walking on the sea. Matthew 14:29.

Tempest stilled. Matthew 23:26; Matthew 14:32.

Tribute money. Matthew 17:27.

Woman healed of infirmity. Luke 13:11-13.

Dropsy cured. Luke 14:2-4.

Fig tree blighted. Matthew 21:19.

Malchus healed. Luke 22:50,51.

Performed before the messengers of John. Luke 7:21,22.

Many and divers diseases healed. Matthew 4:23,24; Matthew 14:14; Matthew 15:30;

Mark 1:34; Luke 6:17-19.

His resurrection. Luke 24:6; John 10:18.

His appearance to his disciples, the doors being shut. John 20:19.

You can see by this comparison that the supposed miracle workers today are false teachers because they can not perform these miracles that Christ did.

Do not be deceived by false prophets. "Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whither they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world." (I John 4: 1) -- From The World Evangelist, by Tom Kelton