This is to inform all readers of THE EXAMINER that we will cease publication with the November 1993 issue! This will complete eight years of publishing this paper. It has been a unique publication in that it has been sent without charge to any Christian or interested person who desired to receive it. No one connected with the paper has ever received any financial compensation. To my knowledge, there has not been another paper of this size and purpose supported by the freewill contributions of many of the readers. We thank God for all who have had a part in financially and otherwise supporting this work. We have had as many as sixteen thousand on the mailing list at one time.

The November paper will likely be a larger issue than the regular paper has been; and it may not get into the mail until early December. We hope to have an article from each of the regular writers for the last paper.

At age 71, I need relief from the (enjoyed) burden of the paper for more than one reason. The main reason is that I have long had a desire to write two books for publication: 1) "THE ECCLESIA OF GOD," and 2) "WITH THE BISHOPS AND DEACONS SERVANTS". I hope and pray that I can accomplish this task; with the first book coming out in 1994 and the second coming out in 1995. Notice of the book publication will be sent to all readers of THE EXAMINER so you can order the book(s) if you desire.

Let me say that THE EXAMINER has made its mark on the thinking and belief of thousands of readers. Most of them have learned the truth that there is no such thing as a "church" in God's word. The word "church" translates no word in the Greek text. King James, of England, ordered a translation of the Bible to be made by a large number of scholars in his day. He had some rules written to govern the translation. One rule was that the Greek word ecclesia would be "translated" by the English word "church". That is how the word "church" got into the Bible. The Greek word ecclesia appears about 116 times and is "mis-translated" by the word church in all but three instances; all three of these cases are found in Acts 19. There the word "assembly" is correctly used. IT IS A FACT THAT THERE IS NO CHURCH IN GOD'S WORD! ALL CHURCHES ARE THE CREATIONS OF MEN!

Indeed Jesus has His assembly, congregation, or gathered people, even in this age, but HE did not build an institution or organization of any sort or kind. His redeemed people have no organizational name and they should NOT be members of any religious organization built by men. Those today who truly follow Jesus constitute His ecclesia, His redeemed people. They are to be called Christians. Also, they may correctly be spoken of as saints, pilgrims, believers, and disciples.

It is our hope and prayer that each one of you will continue to search and study God's word. Search out other saints/disciples who are interested in edifying and serving one another. Invite people into your home for a study of God's word and building up one another.

Since the November 1993 paper will be the last Examiner published, we are requesting that you send no further financial contributions.