Does the local church organization to which you belong have an employee called "The Pulpit Priest" or "The Local Priest?" No? Why not?

Well, do you have an employee called "The Pulpit Minister" or "The Minister of the Church?" I know that most Churches of Christ do have such a position in the corporate organization; a hired employee.

How would you like it if we begin to call these professional preachers by the title of "Pulpit Priest," or "The Local Priest," or "our Priest?"

Ask your minister about this. If he can be employed to be your Minister, and called by that title, why can't he be hired to be your priest, and be called by that title? Ask the Eldership about it and request that they explain the difference, if any; and give you the authorization from the Lord Jesus for either of these professional, employee positions. If the Eldership can hire and pay one to be the Pulpit Minister, by the same scripture (?) and justification they can hire a professional to be the Pulpit Priest.

Are you ready for the pulpit or church priest?

All Christians are ministers (servants) with no distinctions or ranking among them based upon a position or office held. If you are a Christian you are to be as much a minister/servant as anyone else.

All Christians are priests "a royal priesthood" (1 Pet. 2:9). Jesus is our High Priest. All disciples are priests and all have the same priesthood functions and responsibilities.

If we can exalt a class of professionals to the level of a hired Pulpit Minister, why can't we exalt the same class of hired employees to the level of a Pulpit Priest?

Does your local church have a Pulpit Priest? If not, why not? You can read of both church positions in the same passage of scripture.

Oh! If you don't like the idea of "The Pulpit Priest," maybe you would go for having "The Pulpit Saint" or "The Pulpit Disciple." CAH