40% of Roman Catholic Priests May Be Homosexuals reports a review of Jason Berry's book Lead Us Not Into Temptation.

In the Philadelphia Inquirer in the review titled "The Catholic Church and The Scandal of Child Abuse," Berry "makes a convincing case that the Catholic Church systematically covers up such crimes and protects the priests who are abusing children. Parents were bought off, victims were blamed, and media outlets in the area where these stories surfaced were bullied and threatened in an attempt to prevent them from reporting the stories. Rarely did the church make any effort to address the needs of the victims."

"Berry asserts that a large number of priests, perhaps as high as 40 per cent are gay. More than a few of them, he says, are sexually active, and participate in the gay culture in a way that would shock their communicants cruising rest areas, going to pick-up bars, taking pornographic pictures and videos of their sex partners." Taken from the Christian News