President Clinton decided to wait six months before completely lifting the ban on homosexuals in the military. So far as Christians are concerned six months will not change one thing! Homosexuality will still be immoral. Perhaps there is the thought that the six month period will give Americans time to become accustomed to the idea. Perhaps six months will cause the forces of Biblical morality to become weary in well-doing and give up, or at least, weaken our resolve. We cannot afford to let time diminish our opposition to the endorsement of immorality.

The doctrine of Christ condemns homosexual behavior and those who practice it (1 Cor. 6:9-10; Rom. 1:24-29). John wrote that those who do not "bring" (uphold) this "doctrine" (teaching) are not to be received into our houses; nor, are we to bid them God speed. If we bid God's joy upon such people we are guilty of partaking in their evil deeds (2 John 9-11). A faithful Christian cannot uphold the encouragement or endorsement of homosexuality in any place by anyone any more than he can endorse abortion!

On Thursday, January 27, 1993, on his radio talk show on WIBV radio, Dr. Dean Edell, who endorses abortion, legalization of marijuana and fetal cell research, made the comment in a discussion of homosexuality: "God created gays." This is something the doctor will have an impossible task proving! The Bible teaches that people are born innocent (without sin) (Ezek. 18:19-20; Rom. 9:11; Psalm 106:37-38) and that they turn aside from God into sin by their own choice of behavior (Rom. 3:12; Isa. 7:16; James 1:14-16; 1 John 3:4; Jere. 44:23). God created people as free moral agents. People make choices for which we shall be judged by God (Rom. 2:5-6; 14:12; Jere. 17: 10; Revelation 22:10). Man is the offspring of God and He did not create us in diametrical opposition to His own just and righteous character (Acts 17:28).

Some are arguing that lifting the ban on homosexuals in the military is the same as providing for civil rights in racial matters. Such an argument does not hold. And, the argument may be being made to gain the support of racial minorities. God provided for the existence of the various races. It is not a sin to be of a certain race, ethnic background or a certain sex. But, it IS a sin to be a homosexual and a child murderer (Prov. 6:16-18; Galatians 5:19-21). Homosexuals and abortionists need the gospel and they need to repent. So do those who uphold them (1Cor. 6:9-11). Steve Waller, West End News, Nashville