Who is the most prominent woman of the religious right? Concerned Women for America's Beverly LaHaye, according to the February 93 edition of Mirbella. Beverly LaHaye Live was named the National Broadcasters' Talk Show of the Year. (Do you know what "the religious right" is? Is it the opposite of "the religious left"?)


NEEDED INFORMATION: Names, addresses, and telephone number of the saints who meet in homes for worship and study of God's word; and who would welcome others to meet with them. Send the information to TRUTH AND FREEDOM MINISTRY and we will compile an updated list to be made available to those who want it. Please send information ASAP! Thanks!


SOUTHERN BAPTISTS are in a big squabble about whether their men, even the pastors/preachers, should join the "secret order" of FREE MASONRY. It has created considerable turmoil in their ranks. Should Baptist men join the Masonic Lodge? It is well-known to many that there are teachings and practices in Free Masonry that are contrary to God's word. Christians should NOT join the "religious cult" of Free Masonry!


JERRY FALWELL, well-known Baptist preacher, is the "false prophet" who several years ago publicly proclaimed that the second coming of Christ would take place in 1990!! I heard him make the prediction several times and it is in print. Even today he claims that the second coming is in the near future even though he will no longer set a time. He is by no means the only "false prophet" who has made such claims. Every since Jesus went back to heaven many of the various brands of false prophets have been making predictions about the second coming and all of them have been wrong. There are no "signs" that will alert us to His coming. No man can know the day or the hour of the coming of "the Son of Man," and only false prophets engage in such folly. Even when Jesus comes the second time, He is NOT coming back to set up an earthly kingdom and reign a thousand years on this old earth. Jesus Christ is NOW King of Kings and Lord of Lords! This has been true since He returned to heaven. Is He your King now? If not, then He will never be your King. He is NOT coming back to this earth again. He accomplished all of His earthly work while He was here. At His second coming it will all end; and no man knows the day or the hour of that event.

Do not be deceived by those who teach this false doctrine.


Faith is not belief without proof, but trust without reservations.

-- Elton Trueblood


JESUS said:

"Come unto Me" -- NOT to the church!

"I will give you rest" -- no church can do this.

"Take My yoke upon you" -- not the "yoke" of the church/organization!

"Learn of Me" -- Not the Church of Christ, Baptist Church, Methodist Church, Lutheran Church, etc. ALL of these are the creations of men!

"You shall find rest to your souls" in Jesus alone; NOT in any religious institution or church.

Can't we understand and believe what Jesus said? There was no "church" of any sort or kind in the time of the apostles and early disciples. All churches are the works of men and none of them have any validity with Jesus. The English word church does NOT translate any word in the Greek Testament. However, King James, of England, ordered the translators of the Scripture to substitute the word church in every instance where the Greek word ecclesia occurs except the three instances of its use in Acts 19, where it is correctly translated as assembly. In truth, there is no church of any sort or kind in the original scriptures. --CAH


UNBELIEVABLE! Jews dominate Clinton appointments! 37 of 67 appointments or 55 percent go to this small ethnic group! This should make us aware of the extensive Zionist control of the American media. Do you recall Clinton's promise to make appointments that would reflect a makeup of the American population as a whole! This commitment to the American public has been totally ignored and trashed!