This is being written to make all of you aware of a new doctrine being advocated by one Jesus, a Nazarene, and his uneducated followers whom he recruited from the small fishing villages up north. We intend to put the "monkey on his back." We refuse to be put on the defensive in any manner in regard to this matter. I know that none of you tradition and custom followers are able to match wits with them as they have very skillfully worked out their doctrine and approach. But we do not intend for them to get away with that kind of procedure. We do not intend to let him go about disturbing you people with his new doctrines. In fact, we have already initiated many fabrications and misrepresentations against them. We know this man's doctrine must be stopped at all cost. If it requires that we destroy his character or assassinate their integrity, boycott them from our synagogues, or even ostracize them from the temple structure, we are prepared. Power, authority, position, and other ecclesiastical considerations are to be protected by us at all cost. Since the doctrine is his doctrine, let him answer these questions. (Carry a copy with you and secure a simple "Yes" or "No" answer from him.) It is rumored that even his disciples running around with him do not agree among themselves on all he teaches, but if you press them for answers you will be in a position to be warned against this doctrine. Everyone of these questions bears directly upon this man's doctrine. So all you Pharisees, Herodians, and Sadducees, carry this paper around with you and insist this Jesus, the imposter and blasphemer, answers you. As you can see these are simple, unprejudicial, unloaded, truth-seeking questions, none of which are designed to entrap or gender strife and discord:

(1) Is it lawful for thy followers to pluck corn on the Sabbath day? (It either is or it isn't, so they can answer Yes or No.)

(2) Is it lawful to heal on the Sabbath day? (It either is or it is not, make them answer Yes or No.)

(3) Don't thy disciples transgress the tradition of our fathers by not washing their hands before they eat bread? (Either they do or they don't answer Yes or No without going into all kinds of sermons on why.)

(4) Is it lawful to give tribute to Caesar, or not? (We are not interested in any long, detailed explanations; just answer Yes or NO.)

(5) Do you receive sinners and eat with them? (Either you do or you don't; answer Yes or No!)

(6) Does not our Law state a woman taken in adultery must be stoned? (Now, don't let him look down at the sand and draw figures with his finger; press him for an answer of either Yes or No.)

(7) Did you or did you not say that you would destroy our temple and rebuild it in three days? (No don't let him explain what he may have meant by what he said; press him for a simple answer of Yes or No.)

(8) Will a true teacher from God allow an immoral woman to touch him? (He will probably try to give you some explanation but don't allow him; just make him answer with a Yes or No.)

(9) Will you give a sign from heaven? (A simple answer of Yes or No.)

(10) Is it lawful for a man to put away his wife for every cause? (We are not interested in any long discourse on background information or instructions about God's purposes; just answer Yes or No.)

Signed: Your Chief Priest and Synagogue Ruler, Head Scribe and Ranking Lawyer, A. Clopas Righter