"We enjoy THE EXAMINER very much. The search for truth is an ongoing adventure that many (maybe most) do not care to venture, for they are satisfied with the status quo; and that to the neglect of the Spirit. I feel most comfortable with believers with whom I can have dialogue. Keep on "examining" our heritage and traditional beliefs as well as searching the Scriptures." Indiana

"Please add my name to your mailing list for THE EXAMINER. It has caused me to re-study a lot of things I used to take the preacher's word for. Am enclosing a small contribution to help with expenses. Keep up the good work." --Orange, TX

"We would like to continue receiving THE EXAMINER. Please place us on your permanent mailing list. This past year we have been shedding our legalism and endeavoring to replace it with God's love in our hearts; hence, our subsequent love for the lost. When our finances improve we look forward to helping." Belgrade, MT