Wallace T. Viets, in his book, My God, Why?, has some suggestions which people who are sincerely seeking for the truth might do well to consider. Some additional thoughts are added which, it is hoped, will be helpful.

1) God is the ultimate source of all truth. 2) Any honest and persistent search for truth will therefore bring the searcher closer to God. 3) Truth will ultimately come to light, if the pursuit for it is adequately and persistently made. (Cf. John 8:31,32; John 9; Acts 17:10-12.) 4) The important question therefore is, To what extent will I give myself to the search for truth? 5) With these introductory thoughts in mind, let us beseech the Lord to keep us from:

(1) the cowardice that shrinks from truth which is new to us; (2) the laziness which is content with half truths; and (3) the arrogance which thinks that it knows all truth already.

Horace Bushnell points out that "there is not fit search for truth which does not, first of all, begin to live the truth which it knows." (Cf. James 4:17; Luke 12:47, 48). -- LESLIE G. THOMAS