What is the 'church" referred to in the following statements?

1) "After church let's eat at Morisonís."
2) 'It's my month to lock up the church."
3) "He left the church years ago."
4) "Let's meet at the church to discuss plans for our church softball team."
5) "The Church of Christ was defeated 10 to 1 by First Baptist Church."
6) "The Broadside Church of Christ, Inc. was formed in 1979."
7) "David Lipscomb University is a Church of Christ school."
8) "She is always late for church."
9) "If you are looking for a church home we invite you to consider our church."
10) "Our church recently hired a new Pulpit Minister."
11) "How many attended church today?"
12) "Our church recently had a split and another church started as a result."
13) "1 recently ordered some more church literature for the classes."
14) "That is a liberal church."
15) "We are building an addition to our church."
16) "The Sixth and Izard Church of Christ was sued at law by some of the members."

It's amazing how confusing 'church" can be!