It seems probable that in the not-too-distant future Smyrna will be unable to continue publishing because of anti-hate laws that are in the works. These will be laws covering "crimes of prejudice" and it is a forgone conclusion that our kind of literature will be a prime target for prosecution. The beating of Rodney King by Los Angeles police officers is a made-to-order cause celebre for enacting such laws.

Canada already has anti-hate laws, most particularly laws defending Jewish interests. About two years ago a Smyrna recipient in Canada ordered 100 copies of our "Pop" Prophecy booklet which was held up by customs for nearly four months while eight government lawyers examined it for hate content. Finally, they released it. We are happy to say that booklet contains no legal hate, at least not in Canada. We are not optimistic about such a happy ending if anti-hate laws are passed in the U.S.

There is no doubt that the top echelons of power in the world want anti-hate laws. This will be (and already is) the most effective way to control their opposition. And since so many Christians are imbued with a sense of maudlin love, they are a ready market for the sellers of the idea of anti-hate. In the mean time, anti-Semitism is de facto, enormously effective anti-hate law. Satan doesn't miss a trick. Fortunately, God uses everything Satan does to eventually destroy him.

Are we hypercritical of Christianity? May it never be! But we are critical of contemporary Christians because they have swallowed so much of the enemy's propaganda. We love them enough to warn them of subtle things they have missed. May God use our materials to His glory. - Smyrna