There is nothing unreasonable in the Bible proposition that God created the heavens and the earth. Intelligence, plan, and power were behind all creation. Reason supports that; there's nothing in any way unreasonable about it. It is related that the great and noted governor of Tennessee, Bob Taylor, once went to hear another "Bob" (Ingersoll) make a speech. Afterwards, somebody asked Taylor what he had thought of the discourse. Taylor replied, "I saw a man, made in the image of God, stand up and say 'There is no God'." That was Taylor's only comment, but it was enough. "The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God."

It is related that Benjamin Franklin, while sojourning in Paris, one day became engaged in argument with a famous French atheist. They agreed that on a certain day the atheist should come to Franklin's study, and they'd discuss their differences until one or the other of them was convinced. Before the time set, Franklin got ready for him. He had a little mechanical contraption built that would actually work. It was a very crude, elementary, miniature planetarium. It showed in the most primitive and rudimentary fashion how the planets revolve around the sun, and their relations to one another. When the Frenchman knocked on the door, Franklin opened and admitted him to the room where his "contraption" was. "What on earth is that machine, and who made it?" asked the atheist. "That contraption is a crude planetarium, and nobody made it," replied Franklin. "It just happened."

"Do you think I'm a fool?" asked the atheist.

"Well," Franklin said, "You have told me over and over that the solar system had no creator; that it just 'happened.' This machine is a most crude and primitive contrivance, attempting to duplicate on a small scale some of the bodies of that system and their movements. Do you think I'm a fool to say that the mighty solar system had no maker?"

The conference was soon ended, and the Frenchman was ready to take his leave. One simple demonstration had shown the utter absurdity of the whole atheistic contention.


There are three great absurdities on which the evolutionary theory or hypothesis has always broken down. Advocates of the theory have never been able to meet the arguments growing out of these three things. These three insurmountable obstacles are:

1st. A missing link between lifeless matter and living matter. No evolutionist has ever bridged that chasm; no scientist has ever crossed that gulf. On the contrary, endless experiments of every kind and character have shown conclusively that "life comes only from life;" living matter can never come from non-living, inorganic material.

2nd. A missing link between vegetable life and animal life. Here again the evolutionists have failed utterly to find one single instance in all nature in which a vegetable changed over into an animal. Until somebody can bridge that chasm, cross that gulf, the theory falls of its own absurdities.

3rd. A missing link between the lower animals and man. It is in this field that the evolutionists have been most industrious. They have come up with innumerable bones, teeth, and suppositions but not one shred of respectable evidence. The chasm has not been bridged; the gulf has not been crossed. Until it is, evolution can never be sustained.