If I am wrong, I want to be right. If I am right, and the other is wrong, I want him to get right, and that will make us both right. If I am wrong, another person is right, possibly, I want him to show me that I am wrong, and then help me to get right. And if some other sincere person is wrong and I am right, I feel it is the proper thing to tell him of his error, and see if I cannot help him to correct himself. That is the proper way to improve the world.

If I am in error, I want the other fellow to tell me so, but I would appreciate it if he tells me in the proper spirit, and in kindness. If I find that my friend is wrong, because I am his friend, and sincere, I tell him so. If he is of the proper sort, honest and earnest, and willing to do the right, he appreciates my doing all I can for his welfare.

If he is not of the proper metal, he will probably tell me to attend to my own business, that I am narrow, biased, prejudiced, and one-sided. If he does not tell me, he will probably tell someone else so. And if he does not tell someone that I am narrow, biased, and prejudiced, he will surely think it very vigorously.

If you are on the wrong road, though you think that you are not, would you appreciate someone gently, kindly, meekly and sincerely showing you that you are, and then helping you to get right?

"Am I become your enemy by telling the truth?" WHAT IS YOUR ATTITUDE?

Author Unknown