As the evolutionist sat with his son upon his knee,
"Tell of the beginning," was the little fellow's plea.
So the scholar with his learning and diploma on the wall,
Quoted from his textbooks all he could recall.

"In the beginning there was nothing but a little bit of gas,
But it finally got together and made a lot of mass.
Now where the gas had come from and how it came about,
Is not discussed by scholars. It's taken without doubt.

"When the elements cooled off and the gasses ceased their strife,
All of a sudden life sprung up, from where there was no life.
At first of course there was but fish by ocean tossed and thrown,
Then some decided they would walk, so legs and feet were grown.

"Others decided they'd like to fly up in the heavens blue,
They wished so hard that soon, it seems wings had sprouted through.
Finally the apes began to think, with brains they'd decided to grow,|
The smartest one became a man Natural Selection, you know."

As he ended his wise discourse and glanced at the lad upon his knee,
'Twas hard for the simple-minded lad to understand, he could see.
Then, as if in defense of his cause, the scholar said with a nod,
"If you don't believe this just happened by chance, then you have to believe there's a God."