September 1992    "Examine everything carefully; hold fast that which is good."     Volume 7, Number 5
(1 Thessalonians 5:21)

Norman L. Parks

Jesus Versus "The Eldership"

Charles Holt

Abortion - A Method Of Birth Control???

The Marlboro Man Is Dead

Who Has "All Authority" Over The Saints?

The Last Word

Curtis Dickinson

Fulfilled Promises

We Have A King

Bill Baker

None Of The Above

Dusty Owens

"Forsake Not The Assembly?"

Phillips Ministries

Twelve Forbidden Practices

Neal Griffin

Is The Church Of Christ A Denomination

Gaylon Embrey

The Good Fairy

American Family Association Journal

Baptists Decry Society's Moral Breakdown

Olan Hicks

An Idea Whose Time Has Come - Again!

R.L. Whiteside

Did Corinth Have Elders?

Art Atkinson