Gaylon Embrey

Let me tell you about a man I know. It will not matter that his name is not given because actually he is a rather fictitious fellow. Yet, if he resembles a typical "Church member" you may believe it is not a coincidence. We will pass over the early years of his life. They were mostly childish anyway. He sowed a good many wild oats as he grew on up, but no one holds that against him at this late date. When he matured into manhood by the acquisition of a family and a business of his own, he began to see the need for greater social involvement. The largest Club in town happened to be The Fairy Club, a renowned social service organization whose purpose as stated in the constitution was to be a "Good Fairy" to underprivileged people. Without question it was THE influential Club of the community, being some- what religious, somewhat patriotic, and somewhat social. It was also the Club to which his father before him had belonged. Most of his closest friends were members of it too. Since there was no reason for him to do otherwise, naturally this was the Club he eventually decided to join. When he made his decision public, he was voted in immediately for full membership with all its attendant blessings and responsibilities.

As it turned out he was a very faithful club member indeed. He attended, when it was convenient for him to do so, all the regularly scheduled Club meetings and worked diligently on all the projects planned by Club Officers. Knowing that it took large sums of money to maintain the Club's facilities, pay salaries, underwrite the various programs carried out by Club related agencies etc., he dutifully paid his dues on time and participated enthusiastically in numerous fund raising campaigns for the Club. Although he did not always agree with many of the decisions made by those who were "in charge of the Club," he never quite got upset enough to do anything about it. Too much trouble. Besides, he wanted everyone to like him. All in all he enjoyed the Fairy Club and the friendly associations, it afforded. In fact, as time went by he learned to love it more and more. Therefore he worked conscientiously every time a "membership drive" was put on. As a result he got several of his good friends to join up. He always, felt good about that.

Being a Good Fairy was good for him, no doubt about it. I do not mean that it changed his daily life for the better. It did not. As a matter of fact, except for when he was actually attending a Club meeting or physically spending time on a Club project, his LIFE was not affected in the least. Oh, he quit his heavy drinking right enough, as well a. his use of public profanity; and, other than "looking" at the ladies, talking about it with the fellows and enjoying good sexy stories, he cut out most of his immoral behavior. Generally speaking, he was not unfaithful to his wife (unless you count one brief, meaningless affair, and what took place during his annual business convention in the city). He loved his children and they loved him though he mostly let his wife worry with raising them. He never had any trouble with the law of course. So overall he was what one might call "a good fellow." But truthfully, his being a member of the Good Fairy Club had nothing whatever to do with his "respectable life-style. Because of business considerations, because of his community standing and family status, because of the aging process if nothing else, he would have moderated his behavior in these areas had he joined some other Club, or had he joined no Club at 811.

In any event, as far as Club activities were concerned he was an excellent Fairy. When the Club called on him he always did his part. Consequently he was elected to a number of Club Offices during his lifetime, in each case doing a fine job. Three times he was named "Faithful Fairy of the Year," and once he was awarded a trip to the national gathering of Fairies. Not many local Fairies ever did better.

When he finally took sick and died he was, quite naturally, honored by the Fairy. Club for his many years of service. All the Good Fairy Brothers attended his funeral, and the Head Fairy made appropriate remarks about what a wonderful "Christian man" he was. After all, he had mentioned once that he believed in Jesus, and occasionally had even done the invocation at the weekly Club meeting. But mainly he had been a good lifelong member of the Fairy Club. So no doubt about it. One day they would all see him again in that "Good Fairy Land in the Sky."

.Really? Sounds like a fairy tale to me.