July 1992    "Examine everything carefully; hold fast that which is good."     Volume 7, Number 4
(1 Thessalonians 5:21)

Charles Holt

Paul's Sermon In Athens

One And Only One Ecclesia In A City!

Thoughts And Concerns

Where Does The Final Authority Center?

God-Approved Elders Are Not Man-Made!

You Won't Find Or Meet God At Or In Church!

A Contrast

The Last Word

John D. Swatzell

Instruction Book

Neal Griffin

Ye Are Fallen From Grace: The Hope Of Legalism

Bill Baker

"God Bless Our Troops!"

Unknown Author

The Horrors Of Hell

Jack Boal

A Rose Is A Rose: What About Church?

Sam Hill, Jr.

Sam Hill, Jr. Writes Again!

Gene Peacock

The Resurrection Body

Arthur W. Atkinson, Jr.

Watch How You Use Your Money!

Norman L. Parks

Government And Religion

Dusty Owens

The Worship Of God

Steven Clark Goad

Disbelieving Eyewitnesses

A. Christian

The Clergy System