CLEAN UP OUR SPEECH! Get rid of the word Christianity - it is not a Bible word and it does not describe or represent anything mentioned in God's word. Yet our people use it constantly. Look up the definition of the word. It is used to refer to the entire religious or church world, which includes all churches and sects that in any way claim a connection to Jesus Christ. It should be discarded! Clean up your speech - and writings.

WHAT ABOUT PUBLIC PRAYER? Is there a clear and certain case of public or mass-participation prayer found in the New Testament?. Is prayer a public act?. Is public prayer one of the so-called required "five acts of worship" as the C of C church and the various denominations in their so-called public "worship services"? If so, where is the Scripture that requires it? Prayer is more personal and private. Did not Jesus always go off to Himself when He talked (prayed) to His Father in heaven? One form of praying that seems out of order is the "going around the circle" with each one praying. Usually there is a lot of needless repetition in such round-robin praying. - CAH