All churches of whatever brand are from men; not one is from God. Not even the Church of Christ church! God is no part of any organization or institution called a church. Neither is Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit. Stephen said: "However, the Most High does not dwell in houses made by human hands..." (Acts 7:48). God does not "go to church" to meet you. He does not go there so you can worship (?) Him. Jesus taught the Samaritan woman that there is no specific place, or even specific day or time, to worship the Father. We can and should worship Him every day; even all the time in all we do.

For certain God doesn't own a church - a building or even a religious organization. But He does own you if you are His child by the new birth.

Sunday is not the required, special day of worship any more than any other day. The Roman Catholic Church set Sunday as THE day of unique "worship" or Mass, as they call it. Other churches have simply borrowed from the RC church.

A man and his wife, along with the children, if any, can worship God in their home any time, and as often as they please. There is absolutely no requirement from the Lord that anyone has to go to a church (building) or engage in a "worship service" at some man-appointed place, at some man-appointed time to do the so-called "Sunday-only required five acts of worship!"

Where did "the law" come from that on Sunday at the "main service" at the church building, the people are required to observe the so-called "five acts of worship?" Nowhere in Scripture is such commanded. These ideas are all from men and men have made them into "laws".

Perhaps the greatest evil ever perpetuated upon the people of God is the institutional church, a human organization that makes all the decisions for you and controls your religious activities. If you belong to a church of any brand, it has absolutely nothing to do with your belonging to the Lord! Being a church member and being a Christian are two totally different things. You can't become a Christian by joining any church.

When the eunuch heard the gospel from the mouth of Philip, he believed the message of salvation and was immersed (Acts 8). He was then and there saved and went on his way rejoicing. He wasn't a "church member" as a result of what he did. Yes, he was one of the Lord's redeemed ones, belonging to the ecclesia (assembly) of Christ. He was a Christian and a Christian only. He was not a member of the C of C church, the Baptist Church, or any other church. There were no churches then of any kind. Oh! for a return to a time when all divisive human organizations called churches are all done away with and only Christians remain! May God hasten the day. - CAH