When you buy a new automobile, refrigerator, or other mechanical contrivance, you receive a book of instructions, which tells you how the machine is made, how to operate it, how it should be serviced, etc. You will do well to read and follow instructions. There is also a book that goes with man. It also tells how you are made, how you are to live, what to do in time of trouble, and how to be saved. You will do well to study this Book and then follow the instructions!


This phrase is found many times in our Bible and aside from its context, whatever it may be, is a precious and comforting truth! When you are in distress, pain, or trouble amid the scenes of your life... REMEMBER that such things shall also pass! Don't be like one man who said he was bearing up under three kinds of troubles: "All he ever had, the ones he had now, and all he expected to have in the future!" Read 1Cor.10:13; Rom.8:28!

-- John D. Swatzell