May 1992    "Examine everything carefully; hold fast that which is good."     Volume 7, Number 3
(1 Thessalonians 5:21)

Charles Holt

Paul's Sermon In Athens

Why, And For What, Should An "Alien Sinner" Pray?

Parodies - Expressions Of Truth

A True Parable: The Parable Of The Slaves

How Each Apostle Died

"The End Is Still In Sight!"

Subjects Not Preached

Personal From The Editor

She Knew Too Much

The Last Word

Arthur Atkinson, Jr.

The Problem Of "Crack"

Elizabeth Sullivan

An Assembly In Action

Olan Hicks

Internal Corruption Is The Only Way To Defeat The Gospel

Harold F. Savely, Sr.

The Lord's Additions

Neal Griffin

What You See Is What You Get

Unknown Author

The Bible, The World's Most Hated Book

Gordon C. Bruner II

Should Sunday Be Special To Christians?

Buff Scott, Jr.

Prayers In Public Schools And The ACLU

Gene Peacock

By The Pattern


Acts 20:7

Curtis Dickinson

Congress, Israel's Pawn

James Finley

Sin Within

Stephen Eckstein

Safer Sex?