1) THANKS for your letters. They come in large number. It is impossible for me to answer all of them, so please do not be offended if I do not respond to your letter. I appreciate all of them, even the ones that, now and then, take me to task and tell me off! One thing I learned more than 45 years ago is that you can't please everybody! However, our purpose is not primarily to please the readers, but to challenge, teach, and cause you to objectively study what is offered herein in the light of God's word.

2) AN ADMISSION: I am getting older and slower. It is amazing how increasing age can take its toll on one's energy, time, alertness, and upon the physical body. Some reach this time in life sooner than others. As I move toward 70 (June 25), I can tell that I am not as able, quick, or as productive as I was in my earlier years.

3) If the Lord wills and we live, Jewel and I will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary on May 15, 1992! It has been 50 great years together. Jewel deserves a gold medal for enduring what she has!

4) THROW THE RASCALS OUT! Christians have a vested interest in the well-being and moral structure of this great nation! It appears that it is time for the PEOPLE to do what needs to be done and help "throw the rascals out" of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Self-serving and "bought" people are not the people of integrity and honesty that we need in Washington to represent us and act on our behalf. What will YOU do?

5) WELCOME NEW READERS! New readers are added with each issue of this paper. More than 300 were added for the March issue. So it will be with this issue. Readers send in these names; and I urge you to send in any and all names that you can so that we can send them three issues of the paper and let them decide if they want it to continue. There is absolutely no obligation on their part. Send the names and addresses of all you can. The paper is FREE to all the saints who are non-clergy! It is NOT for the preacher class.