Since 1982 pro-Israel political action committees (PAC's) have invested $21.4 million in the U. S. House and Senate campaigns more than any other single lobby on Capitol Hill. In the past ten years, the 59 members of the powerful House Appropriations Committee have received about $25,000 per congressman and the top 23 members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee received an average of $86,401 each.

In those same ten years, the U.S. has given Israel $40 billion, and Congress has written off all but $4.5 billion. Israel owes U.S. banks $148 million. Pro-Israel people boast that Israel has never defaulted on a loan. That's because Congress either gives the money to pay or "forgives" the debt. In 1985 Congress passed a bill that makes ALL economic and military aid to Israel GRANTS, never to be repaid. The average American who struggles to pay his medical bills, Social Security and taxes, is financing the average Israeli's free medicare, government subsidized groceries and religious education.

In 1942 a number of reform rabbis founded the American Council for Judaism to fight against Zionism and the establishment of a Jewish state, claiming that such a state is regressive, undemocratic and contrary to Jewish interests. According to some pro-Zionists, these Jews would be guilty of "anti-semitism."

-- Curtis Dickinson