Those of us who believe the Bible seldom realize that it is hated by millions of unbelievers. It is the world's most loved book, but it is also the world's most hated book by those who oppose its teachings.

Several years ago, Eugene Nida related this incident in the 137th annual meeting of the American Bible Society in New York. A Bible seller in Syria was dragged into police court for selling "inflammatory political propaganda." The judge examined the portions of the Bible being sold and said: "Where is that man, Paul, who wrote this book to the Romans? Bring him into this court" The Bible seller tried to explain that Paul had been dead nearly two thousand years, but the judge was hard to convince. He said: "Here, you sign a statement declaring that you will be personally responsible for everything written in this book to the Romans. This document is too contemporary and its significance too timely not to have someone personally responsible for its contents."

This Mohammedan judge put his finger on the strange power of the Bible. It is contemporary with every age. It is not a "dead letter," but a living word which is the "dynamite" of God unto salvation (Rom. 1:16). Let us fervently hope that millions of nominal believers will wake up to its saving power and wipe the dust off its covers and begin to study it.

It is strange that often the children of this world are wiser for their own generation than the children of light. The enemies of the Bible quickly recognize its power against them and their evil works. The friends of the Bible are often blind to its potency for good. A few years ago a shipment of Bibles was stopped at the Russian border in Germany. The Bible were declared "contraband" and refused entrance to the country. The Communists were afraid of the Bible power!

The Bible is called the "book of the Devil" in some parts of the world. Not only in Communist dominated countries is it difficult, if not impossible, to distribute the Bible, but also in lands like Spain and Italy and parts of South America it is practically impossible to publish and distribute the Bible.

-- Author Unknown