The holocaust instigated by Hitler during his reign in Germany sickened an entire world. While Jewish people bore the brunt of this monstrous undertaking, all non-Aryans were also targeted. It also included Aryan children with birth defects. To promote his 'super-race' mania, German infants and children born with physical or mental defect, however slight, were killed or, in case of minimally impaired males, castrated. Had Hitler's ultimate goal been realized, the population of Germany and the world would be exclusively blond, blue-eyed Aryans.

Whence came this wild-eyed fantasy? From the seeds sown by Charles Darwin (1809 -1882) as set forth in his theory of evolution. If Darwin's theory was correct (as a power and blood thirsty Hitler believed it to be) then the logical evolutionary sequence would eventually produce the 'super' man or 'super-race.' This theory was supported by the writings of Frederick W. Nietzsche (1844-1900) a German philosopher. Mr. Nietzsche also proclaimed the demise of God.

Was Hitler crazy? It is certain he suffered delusions of grandeur. None of the mentors whose teaching he espoused, however, would've gained high marks as to mental stability. This includes Darwin and especially Nietzsche, who died mentally deranged as a result of progressive syphilitic paresis.

Someone has said: "A good tree doesn't bring forth bad fruit, nor a bad tree good fruit. By their fruits you will know them." He was speaking of people, not trees per se. The 'tree' of evolution produced the holocaust, or at least the basis for a X-Mozilla-Status: 0009ut.

In the field of psychology, to rationalize is to explain one's attitudes, behavior, and opinions on grounds ostensibly rational, but not in accord with the actual or unconscious motives. Darwin rationalized God out of existence in order to adopt the theory of evolution. Under Darwin's evolutionary 'survival of the fittest' hypothesis, Hitler further rationalized that the Aryans were the 'fittest,' and therefore all others must go. These rationalizations, based on the theory of evolution, cost multiplied millions of human lives to disprove. The theory of evolution is a placebo assuaging the conscience of those choosing to reject God. There is no recorded instance of creature mutation in the annals of mankind. -- AL Blevins