The Prom is defined by Webster's Dictionary as a "dance given for high school and/or college juniors and seniors. "As the elders of this congregation, we have the spiritual oversight of each member of this congregation and must answer to God for each soul (Hebrews 13:7).

Because of this responsibility, we ask that you consider the following facts:

1. 1 Thessalonians 5:22 tells Christians to "abstain from all appearances of evil."

2. The Bible word "lasciviousness" (Galatians 5:21 ) is defined as "filthy words; indecent bodily movements; unchaste handling of males and females" (Thayer's Lexicon, page 79).

3. The Bible word "revellings" (Galatians 5:21) is defined as "a jovial feast with music and dancing" (Liddle and Scott, Greek Lexicon).

4. Three-fourths of the women in America who became pregnant out of wedlock began their road to ruin on the dance floor.

5. No young man can go through the motions of the modern dance without impure thoughts.

6. The fondling and embrace in dancing are not permitted in decent society without music. What is wrong without music is wrong with it.

7. It is impossible for one to imagine Peter, Paul or Jesus engaging in or attending a modern dance or prom.

8. J. Edgar Hoover, former director of the FBI, stated: "Most juvenile crime has its inception in the dance hall."

9. True Christians will abstain from anything and everything that might cause others to fall (Romans 14:21 ).X-Mozilla-Status: 0009rouses emotions and desires that can be fulfilled only in marriage and many young women lose their modesty, chastity and good influence by dancing.

Therefore, because the prom has been characterized notoriously by drinking and has been the breeding ground for lust and fornication and the doubtless cause of untold numbers of DWI fatalities and injuries, we, the elders of this congregation, insist that our young people not attend this event in their own best interest and that they be supported by their parents in their decisions not to attend.