Politics Plays Ugly Hand In Health Research

The last place in our society where we need to play politics is with the lives of individuals. Yet our federal government is doing exactly that. At the expense of other members of our society President Bush and members of Congress have bowed down to extreme political pressure from the radical element of the homosexual community. Homosexual activists have demanded, and received, favored treatment.

As the figures below show, the amount of research and prevention given to AIDS in comparison to other diseases is way out of proportion.

Heart disease, which claims 20 times more lives than AIDS, gets only 36% of the amount of money as AIDS. Cancer, which claims 13 times more lives than AIDS, gets only 93% as much money. Diabetes, which claims approximately the same number of lives as AIDS receives only 15% as much money. And Alzheimer's, which claims 2.5 times the number of lives as AIDS receives only 12% as much money.

If the homosexual community is interested in reducing AIDS, a change in behavior will do more than all the billions of dollars government can spend. Government will then have more to spend on diseases which are not behavior related.

If you feel that politics should not be a part of funding for the medical research and prevention, contact the President and your Congressman and Senators: President George Bush, The White House, Washington DC 20505; U.S. Senate, Washington DC 20510; House of Representatives, Washington DC 20515.



AIDS $1,950,000,000 37,000-45,000

Cancer $1,810,000,000 518,000

Heart Disease $708,000,000 760,000

Diabetes $295,000,000 36,000

Alzheimer's $243,000,000 100,000

Congressional Research Service. The Library of Congress

-From Journal of American Family Association, October 1991

Note Relative To The Above: Now that the immorality of AIDS victim, Magic Johnson, has surfaced nationally, you can count on a heavy increase in government funds for AIDS research and prevention. As the above information shows, AIDS research and prevention already receives more financial funding than any of the other areas of research listed. Why? - cah