Gene Peacock

"Overseers" are selected by individual disciples as guides and counselors, not in order to be leaders, but because they are leaders. The Spirit has caused them to be leaders, and we are called upon only to recognize and utilize that leadership. We can in no way cause a person to be a leader who is not already one. The leadership which is given by the Spirit is in order to serve the ones being led, just as we serve our children by instructing them and raising them. There are no "positional" leaders m the EKKLESIA of our day, only "functional" ones, those made functional by the Spirit of GOD. Only the Lord Jesus has "positional" authority in His kingdom, and even that was given to Him by the Father.

Those who think that "elders" are not leaders until they are "appointed", and become leaders because they are "appointed" are naive and ill-informed. The Spirit of GOD did not leave the supervision of the EKKLESIA to such a shoddy, haphazard, political arrangement, though multitudes think so. The fact that we have distorted the arrangement is behind many of the troubles which inhibit the growth of the kingdom.

Behind the authoritarian usage of this arrangement is the immaturity of the saints, their unwillingness to assume responsibility for their own lives, to stand on their own feet, to decide for themselves. We see the need for such maturity in our everyday lives, but not in religion. If our religion is not pertinent or vital to our lives, why do we have it? If it does not mold our lives and shape our decisions, it is merely a semantic exercise, as it so often appears to those who observe us. They are not impressed with our talk if there is no change in our lives.