One of Murphy's Laws of Technology is: "Logic is a systematic method of coming to the wrong conclusion with confidence." That reminds me of a number of my preaching brethren; a relatively small hard-core group who exalt human reason and logic to the throne of devotion and worship. In fact, their faith seems to rest in logic and their ability to use it. They apparently have little faith in anything that has not been put through their gristmill of logic. Even God's plain statements must be "rendered" as truth in their logic mill. This modern sect in under the leadership of Tom Warren, Roy Deaver, and several other professional, hired clergymen, most of them employees of some local C of C church. Their faith is not primarily in God's word as it has been revealed and recorded in Scripture, but in their skills and ability to prove their conclusions and doctrines by the use of logic and syllogisms. That's the game they play. This imagined sophistication in logic allows them to put their imprimatur on whatever their human logic proves to be true. They hold that the absolute, infallible truth on almost every subject in God's word can be determined by logical syllogisms. They lay out these syllogisms, with the major and minor premises, that produces an infallible, inerrant conclusion about the truth of God on every subject, so they think.

Their logic and the conclusions derived therefrom remind me of the "Rule of Accuracy": "When working toward a solution of a problem, it always helps if you know the answer"! Ain't that a fact of life!

Hence, as is usually done, the "answer" is determined first and then the bewildering syllogisms are constructed to prove or demonstrate the absolute truth of the foregone conclusion! Simply giving "book, chapter, and verse" from God's word is not adequate; it takes the syllogism to establish what is truth in their view. These good brethren may often be wrong, but they are never in doubt!

These brethren, some of them Phd.'s no less, have this human "science" refined down to a gnat's hair. In this fashion they can "prove" every position they hold. If you doubt it, they will frame a syllogism that will prove it. It just can't be wrong. They prove it by logic, constructed in proper syllogistic form. Their idol never fails them!

Some of these brethren are such devotees to the "god" (or is it "goddess"?) of logic, syllogistically stated, that they even argue for the necessity of such in understanding or arriving at truth on almost every Bible subject. This means that only qualified "logicians" can, therefore, be the determiners of what is truth. Their esoteric knowledge, they think, places them above the rest of us "unlearned and ignorant" men and women. As the Roman Catholic laity must depend upon the Church and its clergy for what they believe and practice, so the C of C church laity, the pew-sitters, are reduced to dependency upon a few "erudite logicians" (?) to grind out the truth of God on all subjects for them. This is old Gnosticism in a new garb!

The apostles of Jesus Christ spoke and wrote God's word by direct inspiration of the Holy Spirit. These Spirit-guided men, along with the Spirit-inspired prophets, gave us what we now call the New Covenant Scriptures. The apostle Paul affirmed that "All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for conviction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work" (2 Tim. 3:15-16). Paul is saying that Scripture, what is written, is fully adequate to provide for us all we need to know about God and His will for us. And the knowledge that is necessary to be saved and live the life that the Lord expects is not difficult to understand. We do not need any "assumed-to-be-wise-men" among us to determine truth for us through syllogistic schematics! Their presentation of truth in syllogistic form does not make truth more understandable. More often it only confuses the people in the pew. It impresses them with the idea that truth is very difficult to understand. It is far easier to understand Paul and the other apostles in what they have written than it is to follow and understand the syllogisms and logic of these brethren. With their approach they make truth obscure and difficult to understand.

These brethren are very sure and confident men. But let's remember that "logic is a systematic method of coming to the wrong conclusion with confidence". Also, keep in mind that they have the "Rule of Accuracy" going for them: When they work toward a solution, they already have the answer! No one can beat a system like that. -cah