Baptists To Study Masonry-A study of Free-Masonry and its hindrances to "revival" was approved by the 1991 Conference of the Southern Baptist Convention. It is estimated that 60 percent of 33,194 Southern Baptists "pastors" are Masons. (Source: HRT Ministries 6/91; via Newsletter)

Post Mortem Proselytizing - William Shakespeare, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Patrick Henry, Paul Revere, Leo Tolstoy and Dwight Eisenhower are among a group of non-Mormons baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints long after their deaths. Young members of the LDS Church serve as proxies for the baptisms. "Several thousand" baptisms for the dead are conducted daily, according to Val Greenwood, director of special services, LDS Temple Department. (Spotlight, 9/16/91 )

About 150 gay couples had their relationships blessed Thursday in Phoenix by the Rev. Troy Perry, who founded the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches to serve homosexuals and lesbians. Perry recited an approximation of marriage vows. (This is an insult to God and wholly contrary to His will. Homosexuality is a terrible sin. - cab)

Your Money - Zionist-backed congressmen are eager to vote yes on the $10 billion "loan" for Israel to resettle Soviet immigrants. Our own municipal governments haven't the money to maintain streets, sewers, or adequate police protection. Farmers are losing their lands, people cannot find affordable housing, and unemployment is critical in the U.S. Why should our people go wanting in order to aid a terrorist country to bring in foreigners to illegally take over the land of the Palestinians? While it is claimed to be only a loan, it is admitted by Israelis themselves that their economy is in shambles, so there is little expectation for the loan to be repaid. More evidence of Zionist power in congress and the media. - The Witness.

Perseverance is more prevailing than violence; and many things which cannot be overcome when they are together yield themselves up when taken little by little. Plutarch (A.D. 46-120.)

God is before me,
    He will be my Guide;

God is behind me,
    No ill can betide;

God is beside me
    To comfort and Cheer;

God is around me,
    So why should I fear?

Youth And Alcohol - Is alcohol an innocent vice? Not according the U.S. Surgeon General. Regardless of laws that prohibit the selling of alcohol to minors, statistics show that 10.6 million of the nation's 20.7 million students in grades 7 through 12 have had at least one drink in the last year. Over 8 million drink weekly, 5.4 million have gone on binges, and at least once a week nearly a half-million guzzle five or more drinks in a row. U.S. Surgeon General Antonia C. Novello argues that the "far-too-successful" marketing efforts of the alcohol industry have influenced to a large degree attitudes toward alcohol. She says, "These ads may be a stronger influence on students than they realize." (Source: Business Week, 6/24/91; via AFA Journal, 10/91).

Leaders Speak Up - Episcopal leaders urged the United States to withhold aid to Israel in the amount it spends for settlements in the occupied territories, a measure criticized Friday by Jewish leaders.

Church representatives holding their annual convention in Phoenix insisted Friday the measure was warranted by the pressure such settlements put on Palestinians, many of them Christians. (These leaders are justified and correct in their request, but the U.S. Congress is afraid to refuse Israel's request. -cah)

Wisdom - It is always good to let a man leave you with the feeling that he is a little taller, not a little smaller, than he was before you met. Become a builder-upper, not a tearer-downer of people. The tearer-downers, the constant critics, only betray to discerning persons their own hidden fears, their subconscious sense of inferiority, and their own insecurity. - Frank E. Mason

Attorney Profile?

An attorney approached Saint Peter at the pearly gates and complained, "There must be some mistake. I'm not supposed to be here yet. I'm only fifty-two."

A few minutes later Saint Peter returned and said, "I'm sorry, everything seems to be in order."

"It can't be! I'm only fifty-two!"

"Not according to our records," Saint Peter replied. "1 personally checked your file and according to your billing hours, you're seventy-eight."

Things I May Not Be

I may not be a president,
Or ever own a bank;
I may not be a soldier,
With some high place, or rank.

I do not hope to ever gain
A lot of wealth, or fame,
But I can give my strength and all
To glorify his name.

I have two hands to be my tools,
And if I plan with skill,
My work can help the world to know
|The Father's word and will!

- Author Unknown