Today's so-called "Israel" needs to heed that word that God spoke to the real nation of Israel in the long ago. In Deut. 15:6 we find this: "For the Lord your God will bless you as He has promised, and you will lend to many nations but you will borrow from none." The nation called Israel today certainly has not and does not obey the Lord God as he had instructed them in such matters. Today's Israel is the "borrowingest" nation in the world! And the foolish, gullible USA is the "sucker" from whom they continue to pluck the money. It appears that what Israel wants, Israel gets. Their latest demand is for the good old USA to stand good for them to borrow $10-Billion! (Do you realize how many millions it takes to make a billion dollars? Figure it up; YOU will be paying the tab for it!) And there is little doubt that they will be "given" this money. The USA may as well give it to them, because, as far as I can find, they have never paid back anything on the millions and millions they have already "borrowed" and the USA President and Congress are too fearful of Israel to demand any repayment or to refuse to stand good for the $10-Billion loan. If the USA is going to stand good for a loan for $10-Billion, the money should be used in this country to help provide for the needy here and underwrite the recovery of this nation.

It is time that the nation of Israel obeyed the command of God to "borrow from none"! And the USA should help them obey God by refusing to make this outrageously large loan to Israel, knowing that it will never be repaid! I would urge you to write or call your representatives in congress and tell them to oppose this loan, but by the time this reaches you the loan likely will have already been guaranteed by the President and Congress. What a tragedy!

In light of the above observations, I urge you to secure a copy of the book, THE THEFT OF A NATION, by William W. Baker, and read it carefully. When you send a contribution of $25 or more to help in the work of THE EXAMINER, we will send you a copy if you request it. In addition, I want to recommend that you purchase a copy of the book by Paul Findley, former Congressman from Illinois, entitled THEY DARE TO SPEAK OUT. It sets forth the facts about the sneak attack in 1967 by the Israeli Defence Force on the USA ship, the U.S.S. Liberty, when 25 men were killed and 171 were injured. It was not an accident! Roland Evans and Robert Novak, well-known columnists and TV personalities, have recently exposed this terrible attack as a deliberate move by the Israelis. It was largely hushed up by the President, Congress, and the mainstream media and press; and likely you have heard or seen nothing about it. If that attack had been by any other country, it would have likely led to all-out war. The power-brokers in this country protect and pacify Israel. It is time that the people become informed about what is going on; and it is time that they speak out loud and clear about such actions. Do you really care? "Is it nothing to you, all you who pass by?"