I have been waiting over forty years to hear the good news that the Associated Press published August 14th. A British Television Commission has said "NO" to religious racketeers airing unproven claims of miraculous workings. Super Channel cited Britain's Program Code 4 that said, "Religious programs must not contain claims by or about living individuals or groups which are incapable of being substantiated."

It is time that TV officials in the USA did the same. The Jim Bakkers, Jimmy Swaggarts and Oral Roberts and all the rest should bring proofs of their preposterous miracle claims before they are allowed to go out to the public. The public needs protection against airwave fraud. It is unfair to the public and an affront to true religion to allow imposters to parade their empty claims of healing, raising the dead, seeing giants in the sky, seeing through glass eyes, walking on water, etc., ad infinitum. The only thing they can be counted on is to beg for our money to build their empires. - Alvin Jennings