PROTESTANT GROWTH IN BRAZIL ... has Pope John II worried. He is serious about countering Latin America's gaining interest in Protestant evangelical faith. Brazil has the largest Catholic population of any country in the world, with 88 percent of the country's 150 million people professing Catholicism, as many as 600,000 Brazilian Catholics are converting to Protestantism yearly. The Pope urged Brazilian bishops to make their teaching more plain to help counter "the seduction of sects and new religious groups" that offer "false mirages" and "distorted simplifications to attract followers." It is claimed that about 16 million one-time Catholics have affiliated with the Assemblies of God in Brazil.

QUESTION: WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE about legalized killing and aid-in-dying? Or, physician-administered death by lethal injection, physician-assisted suicide, "death with dignity" and euthanasia? Are such special "situations" in harmony with God's will or not? Obviously reference here is to those who are terminally ill and suffering great agony. Do you have an opinion? Write and tell me and I will report on the responses, if any. Justify your view with reason and proof, including the Bible.

The how-to book on suicide, "Final Exit," by Derek Humphry has focused much attention on this subject.

What does the Bible, God's word, have to say on this vital matter?

-Charles Holt