Observations on Various Subjects

1) Sunday is a not special day required by God for worship! The worship of God is not a Sunday requirement any more than any other day. Certainly worship of the Father is not a Sunday only affair. We should worship or serve God each and every day of the week; and one day is not any more a specified day for such than another. Every day is a day of worship to God! There are no "laws" in Scripture that regulate our worship or service to God. Can you prove from Scripture that these observations are wrong? If so, do it!

2) The Roman Catholic Church prescribed Sunday as the required day of worship. All other churches have followed this practice, save those who don't know that Saturday is not the required day of worship for the followers of Jesus. Every day of the week is a day for the worship of God. Remember that "worship" and "service" to God are nearly equivalent terms.

3) The Lord's Supper is not a Sunday only requirement or law. The saints can observe the Lord's Supper on any day they please, at any time on any day, and as often as they desire to do so. In fact, the Lord's Supper is not an "act of worship" to God; it is an act of remembering the Lord's death that provided for sinners the forgiveness of our sins. Jesus and His disciples "observed" the Lord's Supper on Thursday evening. Surely that must be an acceptable time to do this.

4) There is no "pattern" for worship spelled out in Scripture. There are no "laws of worship" set forth in God's word. There is no requirement from God for the so-called "five acts of worship" that must be dutifully performed every Sunday by the churches men have built; and all churches of whatever brand are the products of men! None of them are from God.

5) Definitely there is no command, example, or necessary inference in Scripture for the required "laying by in store" into the coffers of the various churches/denominations on the first day of each week. 1 Cor. 16:1-3 is perverted and mutilated in attempts to make it justify the required practice of "taking up a collection" for the church use each Sunday. In this practice the lowly, voiceless members provide the money so the church officials will have the money for the operation of the church institution. This is all from the will and desires of men.

6) There is absolutely nothing in Scripture to even intimate that the saints ever built and/or owned a church building of any sort or kind. They did not need such a thing. It is a liability and a curse; not a benefit or need. In most cases the building and its upkeep takes the largest chunk of the money the saints give to the church.

7) Saints, Christians, are never referred to as "members of the church"! Nowhere in Scripture can you read such. Not one of them ever "joined a church" or "placed membership" in a church organization. There was no such organization as a "local church" like the Westside Church of Christ, such as abound today. Churches are all from the will and wisdom of men; none of them are from God. They are a curse, not a blessing. No saint in the days of the apostles ever "belonged to the church," they all "belonged" to the One Who purchased them with His own blood.

8) Again I remind you that, in truth, there is no church set forth in God's word. The English word church does NOT translate the Greek word ekklesia; and any honest, knowledgeable person will confirm this fact. The word church is in Scripture because King James ordered it put there; substituting it for a true translation, like the word assembly.

Study these matters for yourself. It is your eternal destiny that is involved as well as mine. "You shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free," so declared our Lord and Master. Don't settle for anything less. It is your personal responsibility to ensure your own salvation by your acceptance of and obedience to the truth, as it has been revealed to us by Jesus Christ through His inspired apostles and prophets; and as preserved through God's providence down to this day and age in this blessed book that we call the Bible. - cah