If homosexuals were "born that way," as many claim then they would be "sexual freaks," like morphodites. Homosexuality is a learned and developed social and sexual behavior problem to which a person can become addicted through practice. Some of the perversions practiced by sodomites are so bizarre that the average person cannot imagine them. For example, they have a term, "Golden Rain," which refers to one sodomite urinating on another. Some of their acts are too filthy for this newsletter to mention. Sometimes they (homosexuals and lesbians) put plastic electric vibrator tubes into the genitalia and/or rectum of their sexual partner or in their own self to create perverted stimulus. Who can believe that they are born to have sex in this depraved way? Remember that over 80% of AIDS cases are among homosexuals, and they can be thanked for spreading the disease to the rest of the community through various means. Do you think they should be given "protected minority status" which would force employers to hire them on a quota basis?

In the meantime, Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government has agreed to recruit homosexual students and faculty members "in an effort to create a better climate for homosexuals on campus" and in the interest of "diversity as American culture and the world change so much." (The Blumenfield Education Letter, P. O. Box 45161, Boise, ID 83711)