"The evil spirit answered them, ‘Jesus I know and Paul I know, but who are you?'" (Acts 19:15).


The thought of demons frightens us. We seem to know less about Satan and "his" angels than we do concerning other matters. Baptism ... divorce & remarriage ... for examples. And maybe this is well and good. But let's think for a moment about these devils (as the King James calls them).

Jesus was the premier exorcist. The unpardonable sin relates to an exorcism by Christ and the response to it by those who witnessed. Perhaps that supplies one reason for our lack of study regarding such matters.

One thing I observe when I see demon possession in scripture is that they (the demons) acknowledged deity. They are "confessing" devils. Even in the text under consideration above we find an evil spirit knowing Paul and Jesus. Just think of it! Confessing demons. Christian leaders would like to observe more disciples confessing Christ yet read of evil spirits doing it. Ironic.

Remember that James passage about "believing demons" (2:19)? Not only do they believe, but they also tremble/shudder. This may even say something by way of commentary about the notion of faith only. Demons have a "portion" of faith, but apparently it isn't saving faith. The whole notion of salvation for demons is futile talk. Yet even Luther hoped Satan would some day repent. But my point is: I wish more of God's children would have such strong faith (awareness) of deity and eternity that they would shake at the thought of it all.

Satan. Demons. Powers of darkness. Possession. These matters scare us. But I doubt that ignorance on such Bible subjects is the answer.

God is Spirit. Let us all be indwelt with His Holy Spirit so that we need not fret at the notion of being possessed by evil spirits.

- Steven Clark Goad,