"1 am interested in meeting with Christians in ... (Alabama). Please send name and telephone number of a contact person in this area. Also enclosed is a contribution" ... "Please find enclosed a donation. Keep the information coming. It has helped me in many ways. I am interested in two copies of the SE Bible and also back issues of the paper". - Maryland ... "1 was recently given a copy of THE EXAMINER, VOL. 6, NO. 4. What a pleasant surprise! The front page article should be made compulsory reading for all Bible students and disciples of Jesus. Please add me to your mailing list. Am also enclosing a donation to help in your efforts. I hope I am correct in sensing among many, a desire to cut through the tradition and get to the core of the gospel." - Texas ... "God bless all your efforts. Enclosed is a small donation for the continued publication of THE EXAMINER. Please add the following name to the mailing list." -Texas ... "Please find enclosed a donation. Keep the information coming. THE EXAMINER is a very thought provoking publication. It has helped me in many ways... "- Maryland... "Please don't stop writing, we need you. $100 for Aug. 91 enclosed, more to follow."- APO AP 96319-8241 ... "Thank you for the hard work in keeping THE EXAMINER going out. Enjoy reading every word on every page. We can really start a discussion when we bring up your publication! Amen!"- Oklahoma ... "Please continue to send THE EXAMINER as long as you are able. Enclosed is a small contribution that I hope will be useful in keeping the publication going. May God bless your efforts." - California ... "1 would greatly appreciate it if you could give a subscription to THE EXAMINER. I and my wife find many of the articles interesting in issues we have borrowed from friends. I have been researching concepts similar to what you publish ... and am encouraged to find that you exist. We have just moved from Gainesville, FL to Orange Park, FL. In Gainesville we were able to gather with families in their homes. Here in Orange Park we have yet to locate any group of Christians meeting in homes. We are willing to start a group, and are looking for others in the area. Could you provide me with names of brothers/sisters in the area? (Orange Park is near Jacksonville.)"-Greg Peebles, 1266-D Montecello Dr., 32065. (Give this brother a call if you live anywhere in that area. Editor) ... "After some thirty years of indecision, I have finally walked out the door of denominationalism and Church of Christism. It was a joyous occasion to finally act on my convictions. My problem is in finding brethren of like mind with whom to study and eat the Lord's Supper .... "(Editor's Note: I sent him the names of others in the area that he could call. This is the great benefit that comes from having "contact people" that others can contact, thus finding other saints with whom they can associate. This brother is in San Antonio.)