A Special Issue of WITH ALL BOLDNESS (that's the name of a religious journal!), July 1991 issue, devoted 26 pages to an attack on THE EXAMINER and Charles Holt. This is an "Anti" C of C church publication. It was the preacher-clergy of that sect who did the writing. THE EXAMINER has them "running scared"! These hired employees must protect their employer - the various local churches, as well as their employment and position. I can understand that.

In Acts 19:23-41, we have a similar example in the silversmiths who made silver shrines for Diana, the goddess of the Ephesians. They were very upset and angry recognizing that Paul "has persuaded and turned away a considerable number of people, saying that gods made with hands are no gods at all." They realized that Paul's teaching meant "that this trade of ours" will fall into disrepute if the people believed Paul's teaching, which some apparently did. "They were filled with rage" against Paul. Their livelihood was at stake and they sought to take vicious action against him, even to kill him. It is no doubt the result of God's provision that Paul escaped death in this instance.

There is a strong analogy here between the "trade" of the silversmiths and today's like "trade" of the hired, professional clergy/preachers employed by all the man-designed and man-established CHURCH organizations of today. These employees with the title of Preacher, Minister, Pastor, Local Minister, Pulpit Minister, Associate Minister, or whatever the title they wear, are all engaged in a "trade", for the purpose of earning a living. They are all hired to preach and minister to the church that employs them; and they do what they do for PAY, for MONEY and other forms of income! This is so apparent to all who know the situation that it is folly to deny it. Few there be who would do what they do without the PAY, and they all know that this is true.

THE EXAMINER is a "thorn in their side" because it exposes this deceptive "trade"! Hence, this brings on their vicious attacks against the paper and its writers. THE EXAMINER has been quite successful in opening the eyes and hearts of thousands of saints all over the nation to the real evils of the institutional church and its preacher/ employees. It fills them with a subdued "rage" and I doubt not that if the law of the land allowed such a thing they would mount a drive to "put us away" or even "put us to the torch"! We are jeopardizing or endangering their "trade" and their "living". Certainly doing this gives us no pleasure at all, but rather considerable pain. It must be understood that it is NOT against the PERSONS that we launch our attack, but only against the "craft" and the practice thereof.

The hireling, professional Preacher, Pastor, Clergyman, Pulpit Minister, and the other titles for those in this "craft" are NOT from God, but totally from man's wisdom and desires. Dear brother and sister, YOU do wrong when you give your money to a humanly-designed corporate organization called a church to help pay the salary of a church employee designated by any of the names above, or any other official title. - cah