The AIDS Have It!

The Federal Government is often attacked for not spending more money to find a cure for AIDS. On the Donahue show last year the activists blamed the AIDS epidemic on "government neglect". "The homosexual organization ACT UP has desecrated churches and invaded worship services with noise and abuse," so it is reported.

It is ironic and absurd to proclaim pride in practicing the most common cause of this dreaded disease, while at the same time condemning others for not finding a way to stop it. Let's look at what government is actually investing into AIDS research and compare it with Federal research into other death-causing diseases.

AIDS was first identified and its causes made known about ten years ago. Since that time the government has spent more than $5-billion on AIDS research and prevention. That is more than the Federal Government spent on cancer, heart disease, stroke, hypertension and diabetes combined! And yet those five diseases take the lives of more than 35 times as many people as AIDS, and generally are not the result of unacceptable life-styles. This is totally unfair, a form of discrimination, and congress should correct this favoritism shown toward those with AIDS, which mainly results from their own wrong doing.

An almost sure-fire preventive for AIDS is known, and yet too many ignore the preventive, looking to the Federal Government to provide the answer. Homosexual practices have been condemned by God throughout all the ages. It is a sin of great magnitude.