Saints Of God Awake!

Dear Friend:

With the end of the Gulf War there are many questions crying for an answer.

Since it was worth risking the lives of thousands of our people to "stop" the brutal terrorist Saddam Hussein, why do we continue to support and defend another brutal terrorist, Yitzhak Shamir of Israel?

Many Arabs ask why a Christian nation (Remember our President praying with Billy Graham on the day he ordered the war to begin?) should support Israel, a people who vilify our Lord Jesus Christ and persecute Palestinians who honor Him as God's prophet.

Saddam committed grievous atrocities, but they do not match those committed by the Chinese government. Yet the blood on Tiananman Square was hardly dry before Mr. Bush's representatives were drinking toasts with the butchers. Brutal aggression has been overlooked all over the world, until this one. Why? Because the Zionists wanted this war. The British know this. The French and Germans know this. The Russians know this. The Australians know this. When will citizens of the United States become aware of the Zionist power that influences our government?

Freedom and justice stand on the foundation of truth. But, instead of truth being championed by churches, as you might expect, churches across our nation have endorsed the lie that today's Jews in Israel are God's chosen people. It is in the Sunday School quarterlies, the denominational magazines, scores of popular books, preached on television and in pulpits. Even in churches that do not officially hold this view, there is seldom any effort made to deny it.

Isn't it time that Christians told the truth? If not us, then who? If not through the printed page, then how? If not now, when will there be a better time, if ever?

- Curtis Dickinson