A Review and a Report


Just for your information here are some facts: I) The May 1991 paper, 16-pages, cost a total of $6793.00 to publish and mail. 2) The March paper, 32-pages, cost a total of $8213 to publish and mail. There is only an 18% difference between the 16-page and a 32-page paper as far as the printing goes. As you can see, if you are not a first-time reader, this issue is considerably different from the issues of the past in its appearance. It has all been done to cut the cost of the paper. This is prudent, but also necessary. Sixteen pages are all we can do this time. The September and November papers are uncertain at this time. Obviously money is the problem.

We are cutting costs in every way that we can. Here let me state again for the benefit of newer readers, and to remind "old" readers, that no one connected with this publication receives any monetary benefit or compensation for his or her labor!

From the beginning we have sent a receipt for every contribution received, checks and cash. Very little cash has been received. Jewel has recorded every contribution that has been received with the name and address of each contributor. She has an excellent record. One way we can cut cost is to stop sending a receipt for contributions made by check unless specifically requested. It isn't needed by the contributor since the cancelled check is adequate in itself. This would save us the cost of the receipt, the envelope, and a 29-cent stamp; as well as some work. However, this acknowledgment of the contribution does keep some contact with the contributor, especially since I usually write a note on each one. What should we do? Following the July paper, we must decide on all the cuts we should make and we welcome your suggestions.

All costs have increased through the years, especially in the last two or three years; and the increases are not at an end! It now cost 13.5 cents to mail each paper, a 5-cent increase this year. The rate is scheduled to increase 25% more this year. Even with this increase, mailing a paper like THE EXAMINER for only 13.5 cents each is still a bargain! Just compare the paper to a first-class letter at 29-cents. Also the cost of the notice from the post office of an undeliverable paper has increased from 30 to 35 cents each. This notice is important because it keeps us from sending papers to "dead" addresses which end up in the waste basket without our knowing that it did not reach the party intended. The Post Office notifies us that the party is no longer at the address; and they will send the new address if they have one. In this way we can keep the mailing list updated.

We now will send this paper on a trial basis to new readers for only three issues. If the new readers do not return a card requesting the paper to continue, they will be dropped after the third issue. Beginning with this issue, if you want this paper to continue coming to you, then you must send a card or letter requesting such; and YOU will have to provide the card or letter. We hope that you will stay with us and really "examine ... carefully" (I Thes. 5: 21) all the teaching set forth in THE EXAMINER.

As it has been from the beginning, the future of THE EXAMINER depends upon whether or not there are enough readers (Christians) who share our concern for getting this paper, with its vital and unique message, into the hands of thousands of saints across the USA and into other countries. If there are enough saints who are willing and able to provide the necessary money, this paper will continue, the Lord willing. But as I have set forth above, it takes a considerable amount of money to publish and mail this paper to thousands of people. We hope that YOU will help us NOW as generously as you can: and on a continuing basis, if possible. Share with us in this vital work by 1) sending in names to receive the paper, 2) praying for this work and for us and that God will open the eyes and hearts of the readers to understand and accept the simple, non-church-institution way of the Lord; and 3) send financial help now, as much as you can (we will be practically out of funds when this issue is mailed); and on a regular basis as you are able.

"The field is white unto harvest and the laborers are few." This paper is only one of many ways to carry out the "Great Commission" in both of its demands: "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, immersing them..." AND then "teaching them to observe all that I commanded you..."(Matt. 28:19-20). To this point in time, we have been primarily concerned with the latter part of the commission teaching the saints. We have built a mailing list of over 16,000 names.

If the paper continues, it will be pared back with each issue to remove all who have not returned a card asking that the paper continue. Only ONE card needs to be sent. We can't teach anyone who isn't willing to study and learn.


One other observation: In my weakness and folly (?) through the years, I yielded along the way to letting more and more preachers on the mailing list until we had hundreds of them getting the paper. Recently we have been removing all of them that I can identify, save those with whom I exchange papers and a few other exceptions. Obviously, I can't identify all the preachers on the list, so there yet remains a number on the list I am sure. Now what shall be the future of THE EXAMINER? Does it continue or should we stop it now? You, dear brother and sister, who are concerned for what this paper has done, and can do, must help answer this question. With adequate financial help from you, we can keep it going to even more and more of the saints, giving them an opportunity to learn the things that we have learned about the simple un-structured, non-church way of the Lord Jesus. Let us hear from you soon. God bless you one and all, whether you help us or not! cah