I am indebted to German-speaking Charlie Waiters, editor of the respected publication, Acres, U.S.A., for bringing to my attention an expose on Sheik AI Ahmad al Sabah, the thirteenth Emir of Kuwait, which appeared in a recent issue of the German magazine, Bunte. Bunte disclosed there are 1200 princes in the Sabah clan. Counting their wives and children, this Royal family has 5000 members. They are Kuwait. Period. Each of the 5000 is a millionaire. Each has a special passport. In Paris, their spendthrift ways are legendary. Further, in Kuwait's prewar population of two million, only 750,000 were native Kuwaitis. The rest were Palestinians, Egyptians and non-Kuwaitis. The Kuwaiti military was made up of mercenaries. The 5000 members of the Sabah clan basically considered these people peasants. They called them hold your breath "sand niggers. " (Wonder what the Kuwaitis in private call our fine Black fighting forces who are risking their lives to restore this Sabah clan to power?)

And how about the granddaddy of the Kuwaiti Sabah clan Sheik Sabah? For starters he has gold-plated seatbelts in one of his private Boeing jets, a 200-room palace, a falcon (bird) which cost $1 million, three water fountains costing $14 million each, fourteen private jets, one a jumbo jet with marble baths, ten Rolls Royces, fifteen Cadillacs, five Lamborghini Jeeps, and a secret fleet of bulletproof Mercedes limos. His meals are pre-tasted for poison, so unpopular is he with the common people. Up until 1988, he rented a year-round $3,333-a-night suite at the Carlton Hotel in Cannes. He has a 50,000 square foot palace built near luxury fortresses owned by King Hussein, King Fahd and others of the same caste. His wives have been numbered between 40 and 80, although he claims to have only three regular wives. He has at least 700 children. But despite all this opulence, to which the average American can't relate, Sheik AI Ahmad al Sabah also gets married once a week, always on Thursday evening. At that time his bodyguards bring him a beautiful Bedouin maiden from the desert. She is always a virgin. Before the marriage is contracted, she is bathed in marble chambers, sprayed with perfumes and powdered. Then the next day after spoiling her the night before, the Sheik simply utters three times the following words, "I repudiate you." Under Muslim law, he is thereby divorced .... Yes, Martha, we are sending our sons and daughters to fight and die to support the alleged return to power of such decadence all with your tax money. Borrowed from The Reaper, P.O. Box 84901, Phoenix, AZ 85071